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Chat Translator for WhatsApp APK is a free app listed in Tools Apps. It is very easy to install Chat Translator for What

Chat Translator (Swift Translate) is an app translator for translating WhatsApp chat and other messaging apps, it breaks the language barrier by allowing you to easily chat with people that speak foreign languages. Chat translator auto translate text you receive to your preferred language and auto translate text you send to their language, making communication in foreign languages easier and faster. This app translator is an app to translate WhatsApp chat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other chatting apps. A translator with voice transcription has also been added recently.

• App Translator (Screen Translator): Chat Translator can translate text on your phone screen from all language to your choosen language. It is also possible to use chat translator to translate chat messages and translate web pages, comments, news, and social media posts. All can be easily translated to your language with the App Translator feature of the chat translator. Screen Translator can be used to translate WhatsApp chat messages and other apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

• Chat Translator for WhatsApp: Feature of the app to translate WhatsApp chat while communicating with your friends and family that speak foreign languages. Like if you speak English and your friend speak Spanish, you can auto translate from english to spanish your chat messages. This app translator can be used to auto translate WhatsApp chat messages or group chat messages.

• Chat translator for Instagram: Feature of the app to translate text messages in Instagram to your language and translet outgoing messages to your friend’s in their language.

• Chat translator for WhatsApp Bussiness: Feature of the app to translate chat messages with your friends or business clients in all language. Chat translator will detect their language and auto translate the messages you send to that language and also translet the messages you receive to your language.

• Photo Translator: Chat translator can be used for translation of foreign text in images from all language to your desired language. Chat Translator allows you to do this on any existing photo on your phone or just take a screenshot in any app with one click.

• Call Translator: Translator with voice transcription and translation, voice chat with real-time transcription and translation with your friends that speak a different language than you. Chat translator will transcribe and translet what you are saying to your friend’s language and transcribe and translet what they are saying to your language.

■ Chat Translator for WhatsApp
■ Chat Translator for Instagram
■ App Translator: Translet any visible foreign text on your phone screen to your language
■ Chat Translator for Facebook Messenger
■ Photo translator: Detect and translate text in images
■ Translate every message you receive in all language to your own language.
■ Automatically detect your friend’s language
■ Translate every message you typed to friend’s language
■ Translator with voice transcription

Chat translator require ‘Accessibility API’ to function. This will allow the app to read text on the screen and then translate it for you. We do not save your data in any way.

Chat Translator doesn’t have any relationship with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or any of the apps mentioned above. Chat Translator is just a translation tool to help you communicate easily with friends that speak foreign languages in these apps by translating text from all language.

Download APK(v1.7.7)

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